Someone Else: A Monologue

The trouble is, I’m in love with someone else!

Look, you know the story. Romeo and Juliet, they fall in love at first sight, and they’re a perfect match, and true love conquers all, right? And sure, several people end up quite dead, but, hey, their families stop feuding.

False. Shakespeare was a softy. That pair of dumb teens ensured enmity and bloodshed for decades after their death. And now, here we are today, two families that became provinces who still hate each other. On the verge of peace or of plunging back into backstabbing. And I—we—could end it!

But the trouble is, I’m in love with someone else.

Someone from my province. Someone with soft curls and warm eyes. With a gentle voice, a mischievous laugh and a love for old books—and fencing. And we fit. It’s a love two years old and only getting stronger. l am deeply, madly, head-over-heels in love with the man of my dreams and he loves me back.

But because this is life and not one of Mr. Shakespeare’s happy endings, true love won’t conquer all.

Marrying him won’t fix the politics. It won’t save our land from the bitterness that keeps our people in poverty. And it won’t show the provinces that working together is not only possible, but profitable.

But it would make me happy. Deliriously happy.

That’s what matters, right?

Jacob Carlyle likes spinach sausage, hunting dogs, and a current suitcoat fashion that looks absolutely terrible on him.

And…he is kind, just, intelligent–funny. We have worked together as diplomats who actually hear what the other province is saying. We make an excellent team. Our home provinces listen to us. Married, we’d have a stronger voice. Together, we could bring them to peace.

And it’s not like I’m being forced into this, nor would I be miserable. He understands me, I him. We suit each other. It’s a good match.

Jacob. Jacob, my love.

No. Nothing. No heart thumping, no involuntary smile or blush.

But Alec…I think of him and…

Jacob. Jacob Jacob Jacob. Ana Carlyle. Ambassador Jacob Carlyle and his wife Ana Carlyle.

Ana and Alec.

We are each other’s first delight, whole world. How many people get such a gift? And here I am, thinking of throwing it away.

Jacob and Ana Carlyle who brought peace to their people. Jacob and Ana Carlyle who, together, ended a century old feud. Jacob and Ana Carlyle, showing another way.

But the trouble is, I’m in love with someone else.


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