Through a Glass

Now we see through a glass darkly; but then, face to face.

Life in a cave sees only darkness

We have a mirror cracked and corroded

granting us piercing glimpses of the glory coming

Our eyes smart. Our heads spin.

Slowly we learn to breathe oxygen, to hear music

We are strengthened to bear the sight of Him.

but imagine, oh, imagine having never had a moment’s taste

never hearing the whispers of the awful glory to come

being blind and crashing into sight at a noon sun—

Little wonder they will find Him terrible,

lurching, as they will, into His presence

without blood washed bodies to hold up against His grandeur.

What head can bear knowing fully, all at once, what it never knew in fragments?

What judgment can be crueler than to look into His face

and see nothing to love?

Peer into the dark glass,

blink and squint and rub your eyes

Learn to love what should be loved, darkly

For soon it will be bright


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