esther johnson is a pen name.

It represents me as a writer, actress, and magic bean buyer, and I use it in honor of someone I love.

But don’t let’s be shy! (I’ll introduce myself first)

I like tall tales and wacky dancing and coffee with extra cream. I make my friends dress up as pirates, I write on my mirror, and I eat lemon bars while playing piano.

I’m a freelance writer of essays, poetry, short stories, plays, and the occasional novella.

You’ll find samples along with assorted musings over here at my blog. I’ve been published in local newspapers, at The Rebelution, and in the CHAP Homeschool Magazine.

I am also an actress and singer, and you online friends may never see me in action. (imagine the best thing since Thespis and you’ll be on the right track)

and at my core, I am a storyteller. (if you’ll forgive my pretension)

Nice to meet you–and now it’s your turn!