Esther Johnson

I’m a freelance writer, editor, and magic bean buyer with a passion for dark chocolate, folk rock, and morning runs. I like tall tales and wacky dancing and coffee with extra cream. I make my friends dress up as pirates, I write on my mirror, and I eat lemon bars while playing piano.

Mostly, I’m a great sinner rescued by a greater Savior.

Here on my blog, you’ll find poetry, essays, and links to works published elsewhere.

I’ve written for Piercing Word ministries, CHAP Magazine, and The Rebelution, and I’m a regular contributor to Top Christian Books online. You can commission me to write or edit over here on my contact page.

Speaking of the contact page, go shoot me a message to say hi! I love to connect with readers and hear your stories–because in the end, hearing and telling stories is what I do.